Birnam Wood by Eleanor Catton Reviewed by Michelle

Birnam Wood is on the move...
Literary novel meets eco-thriller, with a powerful ending. 
Birnam Wood are a guerilla gardening activism group who grow produce on land that isn't being used, not always with permission. As a group they're not flourishing, but their leader Mira has bigger plans for them, especially after meeting powerful billionaire Lemoine. But what will this mean for the members of Birnam Wood? And is everything really as it seems? 
With in an indepth look at the characters ideas, motivations and ideals, this is and exploration of morals and what you would do to achieve your goals, including survival. Environmentalism, privacy and politics are all widely looked at. Slow to start, the pace ramps up into the second half with an ending that is guaranteed to keep you thinking long after you've put the book down.