Book Review - Ariadne by Jennifer Saint Reviewed by Andreia De Santos

Ariadne is definitely a book I will never forget. It was my first Greek Myth retelling and it is definitely a story that sticks with you. 

While this wasn't the story I was expecting - I assumed it would focus in the Minotaur myth, but ends up retelling her entire life - it was a pleasant surprise. There are a couple scenes where characters recount other myths, such as Medusa, which made the book even more fun to read. 

This book especially focuses on women in Greek Mythology, how they were silenced, misunderstood and unfairly punished by men’s missteps and mortal envy. Jennifer Saint gives a voice to Ariadne and her sister, Phaedra. She shows us that you need to be strong and brave to survive in a world where women are just a means to an end and men and gods dominate the world. 

”I would be Medusa... if the gods held me accountable one day for the sins of someone else, if they came for me to punish a mans actions, I would not hide away like Pasiphae. I would wear that coronet of snakes and the world would shrink for me instead.”

I was really happy while reading this. The hardback is stunning and I would definitely recommend it to everyone who is as passionate about mythology as I am. For fans of ‘Circe’ and ‘The Silence of the Girls’, this is a book you will definitely enjoy!