Book Review: Circe by Madeline Miller - Reviewed by Megan Farquhar

“You threw me to the crows, but it turns out I prefer them to you.”


Madeline Miller’s Circe is a wonderfully vivid and empowering retelling of a Greek classic. The story follows Circe, daughter of the Sun God Helios, through her life. Never have I felt so passionate about a character from Greek mythology before, but Miller breathes life into Circe and showcases her as a relatable Goddess who suffers at the hands of almost every man she meets. Nevertheless, she rises from the ashes each time, brushes herself off, and regains her power. This is a story of a woman overcoming what has been stripped from her, and flourishing in her own light rather than living in someone else’s.


The pages will slip by in almost one sitting. It is refreshing to read from the perspective of such a character, bold and strong despite the world in which she lives, and still compassionate. Circe is a book that will empower you, and inspire you to take back control of your life.