Sisters by Daisy Johnson Review by Megan Farquhar


Daisy Johnson’s Sisters is a wonderfully fast-paced read that maintains a deep-rooted sense of unease and dread until the climactic end. With twists and turns that throw you on an emotional rollercoaster, mysterious characters, and a dark plot that remains veiled until the very end, Sisters is completely unputdownable. I recommend this to anyone looking to pick up a book that will coil it’s cold, dark fingers around your mind from start to finish.

Sisters September and July, born only ten months apart, have an unusual bond forged in a blood pact they made when they were young. Now, as teenagers, they are fleeing with their mother from a terrible ordeal at their school in Oxford. Set in the dark eastern edge of the North York Moors, this book possesses a gloomy, gothic atmosphere. The storyline is murky and unnerving and Johnson perfectly encapsulates the abnormal bond these sisters share, and the dark past one wishes to escape, and the other to indulge in.

Johnson’s writing is stylish and befits the tone of the book perfectly. The creeping sense of dread will play on your mind, and the ending will leave you open-mouthed and scurrying to re-read the last few pages.